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Lawn Care Tips during Drought

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Lawns are not expected to be green and healthy all the time because as season changes, the growth changes too. This could also be due to certain conditions that are out of human control like drought. Drought is a harsh condition for lawns because water, a vital component for growth is insufficient. There is a lot of solutions and alternatives when this condition comes.

Dethatching and aerating are best to do in drought. During drought, grasses are off the lawn. This is the perfect time to aerate your soil. Aeration is a last resort remedy when your lawn has too many and uncontrollable dethatches. Make use of the drought to prepare your lawn’s new grasses by maintaining the moisture in it. It pays off to see the good in bad times.

Master the basics of watering the lawn during a drought. Make it a habit to water your lawns just enough. Most lawn owners over water their lawns that they don’t know how to support it during drought. Watering should be deep and infrequent. The ideal watering time is between 3:00 AM and 6 AM. During the early hours, evaporation is reduced. This allows your grasses to thrive enough water it needs.

Train your lawn to deal with the summer heat. When lawn grasses are trained, they develop tolerance. You can do this by managing the grasses to surpass the summer heat, so when drought comes, they already developed tolerance with heat and limited water supply. Keep the height cut as high as possible. Also, encourage deep rooting so that you can avoid the presence of thatches and prevent insects and pests to destruct the lawn. When you keep your lawn high, it retains important photosynthetic leaf material and grasses will able to live and keep the moisture. If you need expert lawn training, you can hire lawn mowing services in Wollongong to help and assist you in preparing your lawn for the worst conditions.

Plant and choose drought-tolerant lawn grass. These lawn grasses are drought tolerant by nature. All you need to do is to maintain them because technically these grasses are already ready for the worst conditions since breeding. An example of this is the fescue species, which are new cultivars.

If you cannot maintain your large lawn during the drought, consider downsizing your lawn. Maintaining a large lawn is not easy, especially if there are drought and water shortages. In some areas, water is not a luxury and it is not practical to maintain a lawn. However, if you still really want a lawn for your kids and pets, downsize it into a manageable area. So that when drought comes, you can still sustain it.

If maintaining real lawn grass is really out of hand, maybe this is the time to try artificial grass, for the sake of having a lawn and keeping the aesthetic image of your home. But in times of drought, this is a very practical option, especially when you are living in hot areas of the globe. When you lie in desert environments where there are water restrictions, it is hard to justify your lawn. Hence, you can have artificial turf grass for your lawn, where you can sit and play. Artificial turf grass looks close to real and the maintenance is very easy.

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