What Causes Termites or Other Pests Invade Your House

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A home is definitely one of the largest investments you can ever make in your entire life time. As such, it is something which you love to care of. An invasive colony of termites and pests can destroy your home from the interior and exterior if you just do not know how to prevent these creatures from taking over your house. While difficult to exterminate once the termites appear, keeping them away from your house is as easy as learning how they come to invade your home. But it’s still advised by the experts to hire a reliable pest control Santa Rosa. For most of the part, their entry is helped by the combination of 3 things such as the lack of upkeep around your home, contact with outside wood and excess moisture.

Pests such as the moisture termites live and generate in moist places. Softened wood and damp soil are simpler for them to lay their eggs in. Humid climates such as in tropical places are where to actually want to be however, they can appear anywhere which is not too dry. As a matter of fact, houses near the sources of the water are significantly vulnerable. Any crawl spaces and the foundation of the house should be properly well-ventilated in order to make sure that the termites or other pests do not decide to thrive in your home.

In addition to that, if there are surrounding trees, their leaves that fall will provide the termites with space and shelter to live. Mulch which you spread throughout your garden can have similar effect if care is not done properly. Aside from that, your roofing system can, as well, be a point of entry for the termites if the rainwater is allowed to soak and collect in without enough drainage runoff. Leaky pipes should also be examined and repaired right away in order to prevent pest infestation.

Contact with the Outside Woods

The most common way the termites penetrate your home is by contact with outside woods. A lot of homes have wooden decks and porches which come into contact with the soil. That actually gives an easy point of entry for subterranean termites searching for a bigger source of food. Any wood stored against the wall and outside your home will also give the termites a point of entry. If you are keeping firewood handy or working on a project, keep it inside or above the ground.

Huge trees with branches which grow on top of your roof can allow termites to penetrate to your home. Old tree stumps on your property must also be cleared away even if they are not directly in contact with the house. The longer the period of time the woods stay on a certain area, the more the termites will build up their nest. In the long run, the wood can start to grow particular kinds of fungus which carry termite attractants present in their fibers. Although moisture and woods are an entry point for these pests, both of these can be disregarded by taking care and cleaning up of your home in a regular basis. IF your home is infested with termites, it’s best that you contact a professional pest control near me.

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